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A good Facial begins with a deep pore cleansing.

No matter how many products you use or try, we all need a good deep pore cleansing facial. If the pores are not clean, there is no mask, scrubs, product or treatment that will make your skin glow. I analyze the skin before any treatment A good deep pore cleansing facial, takes between 90 minutes finishing with a great custom mask, depending on the skin type. I clean the skin so carefully and thorough.

A  deep pore cleansing facial is for any skin type.

Sometimes we feel the skin is very dry and the pores need to be cleaned to be able to absorb treatments and proper moisturizers and SPF protections.

If you your skin is irritated and has blackheads, don't try to remove them yourself. This can create scars on your skin and can result in broken capillaries.

If your skin has blackheads or whiteheads, a deep pore cleansing facial with a good exfoliation and steam will give your skin a perfect glow. Highly Recommended.

If you have acne, try your best and don't touch your skin., will spread bacteria and will give you scars.  A deep pore cleansing facial will improve the skin condition, follow by a doctors recommendations and medication.

I use Botanical products only. Manufactured by Professional Bonatical Scientific in the USA. No animal tested.

Deep cleansing (Steam, exfoliation, extractions, face massage and collagen/seaweed mask) 90.00 minutes............................... $150.00



Free eyebrow and lip threading with the facials.

Call or text for appointment I will accommodate your busy schedule