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Bertha has a well-known reputation for her services. Bertha has many licenses and degrees from well-known schools worldwide. with over 20 years  experience working in the beauty business, she treats the clients with personalized treatments we is the formula that keeps the clients coming back and serves as a testament to the spa's effectiveness.

"It's only natural that there be times one can't help but want to get away from it all. The body and mind, tired of their daily diet of chaos and pollution,  suddenly signal that it's time to take a break. Some have already begun to count the days until this summer when the daily grind is replaced by a week or two of self-imposed relaxation and pampering. Relief so passionately anticipated need not be denied or delayed, however, if you can get to La Vegas Nevada where you will find Bertha's Spa.             

Your transformation begins as you walk in the door and your senses enter relaxation mode. Your ears pick the sounds of the instrumental music that plays in the background as you can smell the soothing scent of  creams, conditioners, and massage oils. A look around the spa reveals a wide variety of health and beauty products and confirms Bertha's specialty of rest, relaxation, and pampering."

  -Business Journal - New York year 2001

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